Minister issues fresh guidelines on COVID-19 prevention, control

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto, has issued a decree (KMK), Number HK.01.07 / Menkes / 413/2020, promulgating guidelines for prevention and control of the novel coronavirus disease.

The guidelines, referred to as COVID-19 Prevention and Control Guidelines, will serve as a reference for the government and health service facilities and personnel to make sure services provided to the public are standardized, effective, and efficient.

The guideline was signed by Terawan on July 13 and made available in Jakarta on Tuesday.

The minister has taken into consideration several things in issuing the new decree, including the fact that COVID-19 has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization and a public health emergency in Indonesia and a non-natural disaster, which has not only resulted in death, but also severe economic losses, prompting the need for prevention and control efforts.

In addition, the Minister of Health Decree Number HK.01.07 / Menkes / 247/2020 regarding COVID-19 Prevention and Control Guidelines needed to be adjusted to the scientific and technical development of service needs.

The decree was formulated by referring to several laws and regulations, including Law No. 4/1984 on Infectious Diseases, Law No. 24/2007 concerning Disaster Management, and Law Number 36/2009 regarding Health, Law Number 44/2009 concerning Hospitals, Law Number 6/2018 concerning Health Quarantine, and Law Number 23/2014 concerning Regional Government which has been amended several times, the latest through Law Number 9/2015 concerning the Second Amendment to Law Number 23/2014 concerning Local Government.

It also refers to Government Regulation (PP) Number 40/1991 concerning Prevention of Communicable Diseases, and PP Number 2/2018 concerning Minimum Service Standards.

In addition, it also referred to the Minister of Health Regulation (PMK) Number 1501 / Menkes / Per / X / 2010 concerning Specific Infectious Diseases that Can Cause Outbreaks and Mitigation Measures, PMK Number 45/2014 concerning the Implementation of Health Surveillance, and PMK Number 82/2014 concerning Prevention of Infectious Diseases.

The guidelines promulgated under KMK Number HK.01.07 / Menkes / 413/2020 will serve as a reference for the central government, provincial governments, district and city governments, health service facilities, health workers, and all related parties in carrying out efforts to prevent and control COVID-19, it said.

The central government, provincial governments, and district and city governments will need to provide guidance and supervise the implementation of the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Guidelines, in accordance with their respective authority, and they will be allowed to involve the community in the endeavor.

Once the ministerial decree comes into force, the Minister of Health’s earlier decree, Number HK.01.07 / Menkes 247/2020 on COVID-19 Prevention and Control Guidelines, will stand revoked and rendered invalid.

The new ministerial decree will come into force from July 13, 2020.

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