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Indonesia abstains on US resolution extending Iran arms embargo

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia chose to abstain or declined to vote for extension of the UN resolution to extend an arms embargo on Iran as proposed by the US, a decision also taken by 10 other UN Security Council (UNSC) members.

The US and Dominican Republic voted for the proposal, while Russia and China opposed the extension of the arms embargo.

Indonesia firmly believes that the US resolution proposal opposes the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) or 2015 Iran nuclear plan, Director for International Security and Disarmament of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Grata Endah Werdaningtyas, told ANTARA on Saturday.

"For Indonesia, the entire implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 2231 and JCPOA is the only effective way to ensure that the Iranian nuclear program (would be conducted) for peace purposes," Werdaningtyas emphasized.

Hence, Indonesia has sought full commitment of Iran and other parties involved in JCPOA and expressed concerns over the US withdrawal from the deal.

"Indonesia urges all JCPOA participants to continue to engage in dialog to solve differences arising from the interpretation and implementation of the JCPOA through a regulated Dispute Resolution Mechanism (DRM)," Werdaningtyas noted.

Through its presidency in the council for August 2020, Indonesia will facilitate any suggestions from all members over this matter and take such consultation and coordination into consideration.


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