Indonesian Government Successfully Repatriated 243 People from Wuhan, China

A total of 243 people were successfully repatriated by the Indonesian Government Repatriation Team. They consist of 237 Indonesians living in Hubei Province, one foreigner (spouse of an Indonesian woman), and five members of the Advance team of the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing. All of them have arrived safely at Natuna.

All have gone through multiple health checks by the Chinese health authorities and the Indonesian Doctors Team at Wuhan International Airport following the health protocol, to ensure that they are all in good health. During the transit in Batam, before being transferred to the Air Force aircraft, all passengers underwent another health check by the Batam Port Health Office, and all were declared in good health.

Four Indonesian citizens chose to remain in China due to family reasons, and three others were unable to meet the health requirements for flying. The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing continues to communicate with the three Indonesian citizens, and is coordinating with the university dormitory and the Chinese authorities to monitor their conditions and ensure their needs are fulfilled. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also contacted their respective families in Indonesia.

Upon arrival at Natuna, the passengers are undergoing a 14-day observation process at the Raden Sadjad Air Base.

The Ministry of Health, the Indonesian Military, and the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) have prepared public and health facilities for their safety and comfort.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with Indonesian Missions in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Hong Kong continue to monitor the condition of Indonesian citizens in various regions in China.

Indonesian citizens in China may contact the Hotline number below for assistance:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hotline: +62 812 90070027 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

Ministry of Health Hotline: 1500-567 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

Indonesian Embassy in Beijing Hotline +8610 6532 5486;

Indonesian Consulate General in Shanghai Hotline +861356 44 06 540;

Indonesian Consulate General in Guangzhou Hotline +86185 203 75005;

Indonesian Consulate in Hong Kong Hotline +852 67730466 / + 852 5294 4184;

​Indonesian citizens in Taiwan may contact the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei Hotline at +886 9011 32000 for assistance.

Indonesian Missions Assistance may also be accessed through Safe Travel application, a free application on Android and IOS.

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