Jokowi calls for equal access to COVID-19 vaccine at UN

Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), in his speech at the 75th United Nations General Assembly, highlighted the significance of equal opportunity for all nations to later have access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

"We need to work together to ensure that all countries have equal access to a safe vaccine at affordable pricing," President Jokowi stated while participating in a virtual high-level meeting from Jakarta on Wednesday.

Jokowi encouraged all nations worldwide to bolster cooperation in handling the COVID-19 pandemic, both in terms of the health and socio-economic impacts.

The head of state also stressed that vaccines will be a "game changer" in the battle against the pandemic.

"Hence, in the long term, the management of a resilient global health system needs to be further improved. Resilience of a global health system, based on the national health resilience, will determine the future of our world," the Indonesian president affirmed.

Furthermore, from the economic perspective, Jokowi contended that the revitalization of economic activities should gradually be started by tackling the limits of today's global supply chain.

However, he also noted that revitalization of the economy should prioritize the health of all citizens of the world.

"A healthy world…a productive world…needs to be our priority. All of these will only be achieved if all of us continue to work together…work together…and work together. Let us solidify our commitment and consistently fulfill our commitment to work together," Jokowi stated. 

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