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The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia The Hague, the Netherlands


Last updated 27 August 2023

An accessible website is a website that is usable for all audiences. This accessibility statement applies to content posted only on, and not on other domains.

This website is designed and developed by Opinionated Digital Studio, which is responsible for the accessibility in the visual design and technical part of the website. With the design and technical measures that have been taken, you should be able to:

  • Zoom in up to 200% while still being able to see all the content
  • Navigate and interact with the entire website using just a keyboard
  • Navigate and interact with the entire website using speech recognition software
  • Navigate and interact with the entire website using a screen reader (such as JAWS, NVDA and Apple VoiceOver)

Content is largely managed by staff of the Embassy.

How we maintain accessibility

Opinionated Digital Studio tries to maintain accessibility by taking certain measures in its work:

  • Accessibility is from the beginning of the design taken into high consideration and carried over to the development stage
  • Research is often conducted before designing new features to stay up-to-date with the latest know-how from other experts in the field of accessibility
  • Our work is tested with and without assistive technologies against the Web Accessibility Content Guidelines 2.0 .

Problems and feedback

If you find any problems regarding accessibility when accessing, contact Opinionated Digital Studio by e-mail .

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