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The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia The Hague, the Netherlands

Apply via the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague

Last updated 18 November 2022

A new regulation has just been applied that it is possible to request 60 days Visit Visa to the embassy, however, our system is not available yet to apply it through the website. Please find below the documents needed to apply for the Visit Visa to the embassy and send all the documents to us through email. Please write “Permohonan Visa B211 di KBRI” as the subject of your email.

Requirements for a B211A tourist visa

  1. Visa application form, see attachment (please print it out, fill it in manually, and send the scan to us)
  2. One passport sized photograph to be attached in the application form (pasfoto: 3x4cm)
  3. A national passport which has a minimum validity of 6 months (12 months if you wish to extend it up to 180 days) from the moment of entry to Indonesia
  4. Proof of being fully vaccinated for Covid-19 (i.e copy of the stamp in the yellow GGD vaccination passport or the printed document from the CoronaCheck website)
  5. Statement letter that you will follow the Indonesian health protocol issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Health and are willing to be in quarantine upon arrival in Indonesia, if necessary
  6. Statement Letter that you are willing to pay for your own medical expenses if affected by Covid-19 while in Indonesia OR evidence of having sufficient funds for living expenses during your stay in Indonesia, in the form of a copy of a bank statement or savings account from the last three months, with an amount of at least US$2.000, or equivalent
  7. Copy of itinerary/round trip ticket or ticket to continue the journey to another country

After we review your documents, we will let you know when you can come to the embassy. The processing time should take 5 working days from the day you come to the embassy.

Single-Entry Visit Visa

  • Validity: 60 days. Can be granted a 4-time Stay Permit extension (30 days/extension), until a maximum stay of 180 days.
  • Visa Fee for Tourist Visa: 90 Euro (you will pay this at the embassy)
  • Extension Fee: Rp 500.000 per extension

The visa should be used within 90 days to enter Indonesia from the date of issuance, otherwise, it expires and cannot be used anymore. As mentioned above, all Visit Visa is a single entry visa, which means they expire once leaving the country.