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Electronic Visa (eVisa) from the Directorate General of Immigration – Jakarta

Last updated 7 September 2023
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If you are not eligible for a Visa on Arrival, wish to stay longer than 60 days, and/or have a visiting purpose matching the ones mentioned below, your Indonesian sponsor has to submit a visa application through the website of the Directorate General of Immigration - Jakarta, via: . Tourist visa applications must be submitted by an Indonesian visa/travel agent or hotel.

An E-Visa will be issued for the following purposes:

Visit Visa (B211)


  • tourism;
  • medical assistance, food support, and humanitarian aid;
  • business meeting at a head-, or representative office (not to supervise production activities of producers/sellers);
  • business discussion, negotiation, signing business contract (not to supervise production activities of producers/sellers);
  • purchase of goods (not to supervise production activities of producers/sellers);
  • a governmental visit;
  • visiting places or activities in the framework of official government duties related to the G20;
  • a crew member who joins the vessel in Indonesia;
  • transit;
  • participating in sport related activities at the invitation of the Indonesian government, international championships, or sport related activities by international sports organizations.

B 211B

  • probationary period for foreign workers;
  • essential work/emergency: to carry out unplanned work that cannot be delegated/authorized to other people in the context of dealing with incidents caused by, natural disasters, main engine damage, or riots and are required to be handled immediately to avoid fatal losses for the company and/or the community in general

B 211C

  • Journalism/making a movie


  • National passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry in Indonesia for a stay of 60 days, a national passport with a minimum validity of 12 months from date of entry in Indonesia for a stay of > 60 days (up to 180 days) or a travel document (i.e. refugee passport / stateless) with a minimum validity of 12 months
  1. Copy invitation letter of the Indonesian sponsor (Company/Government/Visa agent)
  2. Copy ID card (KTP) of the Indonesian sponsor
  3. Evidence of having sufficient funds for living expenses during your stay in Indonesia, in the form of copy of bank statement or savings account, with an amount of at least US$2.000, or equivalent
  4. Copy return ticket or ticket to continue the journey to another country
  5. 2 x passport sized photograph (4 x 6 cm) in colour

The processing time should take up approximately 5 - 10 working days. After approval the traveller will receive the eVisa via email.

Depending on the length and visiting purpose, there are different fees:

Single-Entry Visit Visa

  • Validity: 60 days. Can be granted a 2 time Stay Permit extension (60 days/extension), until a maximum stay of 180 days.
  • Visa Fee for Tourist Visa: Rp 1.500.000
  • Visa Fee for other visit visa purposes: Rp. 2.000.000
  • Extension Fee: Rp 2.000.000 per extension

Single Entry Visit Visa

  • Validity: 180 days. Cannot be granted extension of the Stay Permit
  • Visa Fee: Rp 6.000.000

Temporary stay visa (12 months)

A temporary stay visa will be granted to foreigners for a work activity and/or non-work activity. This visa can be converted into an Indonesian Temporary Residence Permit (KITAS).

Temporary stay visa for the work activity is granted to a foreign worker (C312)

  • as a professional or expert;
  • who joins to work on ships, on vessels, or installations operating in the Indonesian maritime zone, territorial sea, continental shelf, and Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone;
  • whose job is quality control of goods or products;
  • who conducts workplace inspections and audit;
  • whose work with an after sales service;
  • who installs and repairs machines;
  • with a non-permanent work in constructions;
  • with a probationary period for skilled works.

Temporary stay visa for the non-work activity is granted to a foreigner for:

C313 – C314

  • foreign investment (1 year);
  • foreign investment (2 years);


  • scientific training and research;


  • study/attend education at an educational institution;


  • reunification with Indonesian spouse;
  • joining a foreign spouse who holds an Indonesian residence permit (KITAS/KITAP);
  • children from a mixed marriage (foreigner-Indonesian) joining their parents;
  • unmarried children under 18 from joining their foreign mother/father married to an Indonesian national;
  • unmarried children under 18 joining their parents who hold an Indonesian residence permit (KITAS/KITAP);
  • children who have a legal family relationship with the father/mother who has Indonesian nationality


  • Repatriation for ex-Indonesian nationals who wish to live in Indonesia

Visit for detailed information regarding the different requirements and fees

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